Learn What you need to know before undergoing Rhinoplasty surgery

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure performed by Mumbai cosmetic surgeons to correct the shape of a person’s nose. Understand the outcome and your expectations before getting Rhinoplasty michael fozo md. The majority of people who wish to have Rhinoplasty done or alter the look of their nose are unaware of its basic benefits, limitations as well as the costs, eligibility criteria and expenses.

Rhinoplasty: Here are some facts that will help you better understand the procedure.

Rhinoplasty Functions Major Features

Rhinoplasty procedures are performed for different reasons. They can be aesthetic, to restore damaged nasal structures, or to correct nasal issues. Rhinoplasty is performed for reconstruction when a disfigurement of the nose occurs as a consequence of a deformity caused by a deformity at birth, disease, or an accident.

Rhinoplasty Surgery is Performed
Rhinoplasty can only be performed by a specialist surgeon using a closed method or an open one. Closed approach involves cutting inside the nose. Open approach will involve cuts outside. The two strategies have different applications. It is important to make the cuts carefully so as not to leave any scarring. If scarring occurs, it will fade over time.

Rhinoplasty After Surgery Advice
Following rhinoplasty, the patient will experience swelling, irritation, and softness on the nose as well as the surrounding skin. The surgeon provides the patient with advice and prescriptions which include anti-infection antibiotics.

In order to achieve a rapid and easy recovery, the patient should follow these guidelines. In the first 7 days, you should completely rest and refrain from all daily activities. After the 1st week, stitches will be taken out. If you follow the instructions carefully, the patient should recover quickly within the next four weeks.

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